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Recipes from out of this world. Sometimes Literally.

Delicious dishes inspired by fantasy and fiction.
  • Picture of Harry Potter pumpkin pasties in an old-fashioned study setting
  • Picture of pirate oatmeal

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  • Christmas break

    Hello fictional foodies! Our Christmas tree was up way too early, but the light and coziness it provides is very welcome at the end of 2020. My family and I are celebrating the holidays from home this year, safe and sound. I had planned on writing a Christmas blog post with a winter fairy tale baked good in the spot light. I have not forgotten about it, but a sudden new challenge in my life as a dietitian has crossed my path. As I expect to dedicate my attention to this new challenge for a while, I have temporarily halted the upcoming plans I had for Fictional Foodie. I hope a new blog post will be available sometime in 2021. Let’s hope the new year will be better for everyone. Along with this quick update, I want to thank you for your support as I started this blog. It has been an interesting and fun creative experience so far. I wish everyone happy holidays and a healthy 2021.

    Much love,


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